Fire Marshal

Important Information

To report unsafe or dangerous conditions in the City of Morris, Illinois, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 815-942-0103, ext. 8

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Fire Marshal

City of Morris Fire Marshal – Tracey Steffes

The mission of the office of the Fire Marshal is to reduce the number of fires, and loss of life and property in the City of Morris by reducing the factors that contribute to the cause and spread of fire. This is accomplished through the City’s efforts of inspections, education, up-to-date technology and investigations.

Code Enforcement and compliance is key in the protection of citizens, businesses, and visitors of Morris, Illinois. Regular inspections help ensure the fire codes and emergency management systems are in place and are being observed.

Steffes’ expertise in up-to-date fire and life safety code requirements, fire protection systems and equipment, emergency egress, emergency water supply systems, and ever-changing technologies – including special extinguishing fire alarm systems in a variety of industries – is represented throughout the City of Morris.

His vital work ensures fire safety for new and existing occupancies ranging from residential to commercial projects – large and small.

Additionally, Steffes is the Emergency Management Agency Director/Inspector for the City of Morris. He works with Grundy County ‘s Emergency Management Agency to help coordinate local emergency/disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation efforts of the City of Morris and Grundy County. This ensures that the residents of the City of Morris and Grundy County will be adequately prepared to deal with natural or technological emergency and disaster causes, and protects the public peace, health, and safety in the event of a disaster.

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