City of Morris Parks and Recreation Fund

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City of Morris Parks and Recreation Fund

“The Community Foundation of Grundy County was established to serve donors who want to create funds to help others. This is a perfect example and vehicle for donors who want to support community projects without giving their donation directly to a governmental body, such as the City of Morris,” explained Buck. “Donors get their tax deduction while knowing that a committee comprised of the City, the Foundation, and members of the community at large will be making decisions about the use of their donor dollars.”

“After being elected to the city council, residents have spoken to me extensively about the need for improvements to our city parks,” said newly-elected Alderwoman Sarah Mettille. “ I am thankful for the Community Foundation’s help in making this funding mechanism a reality. Our residents and businesses in Morris want to give back to our city. This gives them the opportunity. With a new comprehensive plan for our parks and the establishment of a committee to oversee the fund, the future of our parks is bright.”

Morris Mayor Chris Brown added, “Morris is a giving community. Our residents want to help and make an impact on our city. The new ice rink is a great example of how the city and community supporters can team up to make a positive difference for our residents. We are grateful to the Community Foundation for helping facilitate a program that will be a great benefit to the City of Morris and creates an avenue for generous donors to give back to their community.”

After the new year, the city will present a comprehensive plan for city parks which will identify potential projects and improvements. A timeline for improvements will be created to prioritize which projects will be addressed in short term, midterm, and long-term plans. A committee of volunteers will be established to oversee the new Parks and Recreation Fund.

For information about the Committee, please contact Alderwoman Mettille at [email protected].

Donors can contribute to the Fund in a number of ways: mail or drop off a check to CFGC at 520 W. Illinois Avenue, Morris. To donate gifts of stock, please contact Julie Buck at 815-941-0852 or Kelly Dransfeldt of Grundy Investments at 815-941-3544. Donations will receive a receipt for the tax year in which it was received. Later in January 2022, donors will be able to use a new online donation portal at

Donors can contribute by reaching out to Julie Buck of the Community Foundation at 815-941-0852 or Kelly Dransfeldt of Grundy Investments at 815-941-3544. CFGC will also have a new online donation portal at later in January 2022.

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